Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The amazing productive quiet

A lot of people have been asking me how no cable is going.

It is actually going really well.
I will admit I miss a couple of shows.
So you think you can dance , Mad Men, Longmire, True Blood, Magic City………..

NO JUDGEMENT! We all have our vices. I watched a ton of T.V.

And by the way that was just the short list of what I would be wasting 100’s of hours a week watching. 

I thought my kids would miss it more. But they are playing with dolls and dress up more. Together they are building block cities and taking turns as the giant wrecking havoc on the land. We don’t watch a movie before bed (on mommy nights). Everyone picks out books and we read together. 

I’m going to admit something that I haven’t really told anyone…I think.
I used to let the T.V. babysit my kids.
I love talking to other moms and they say things like “I didn’t want to deal with it so I let him have an extra 30 minutes of T.V. tonight.”
Wait….was I supposed to be paying attention to how much T.V. they watched???
It was on PBS, doesn’t that count as schooling??

Yes I do COMPLETELY know how bad that sounds. 
Yes I do know how bad it really was.

 I could blame it on stress “I was just so stressed I needed them occupied so I could think” ….but that wasn’t really it.

I could blame it on being super busy “I just had so much to do so I sat them in front of the T.V.”…..no, that isn’t it either.

I was lazy…by “I” I mean “WE” as in my husband and myself. It’s so easy to wake up in the morning. Turn on the T.V. go make coffee or breakfast with no one bugging you. Then go about your business with little to deal with.  But it was definitely not healthy for our kids.  When my 2 year old sees a picture of a lion and calls it Alex instead of a lion….well, clearly I am dropping the ball.

I have made our home go on a hyper detox. They went from roughly (NO JUDGEMENT) 5 to 8 hours of T.V. a day. (And I am probably low balling that number to try and feel better about myself)
 I’m not saying continuously. They would go and play, then come back to the T.V.
But the damned thing was literally on from 8am to midnight almost everyday…………..Just reading that line makes me sick.

So I said ENOUGH! No easing into it and trying to monitor. Just cold turkey.

We now have maybe 1.5 hour every other day. When my husband is gone the T.V. is off. I even turn off the power strip. I might as well save a little electricity if I’m not even using the devices right?

This is not to say they don’t ever see T.V.  If we go to my moms house there is usually a T.V. But we aren’t there for very long.
I have gotten so much done that it has made me realize just how many hours I was wasting. I REALLY cleaned my room (dusted, mopped, organized, added furniture) Finally took care of mending that has been waiting for 2 years. I did some head band crafting one night. I started with a quick repair and 10 head bands later….I finished a 4 ft. picture collage that started in 2006. It's now on the wall in my hallway

Slowly but surely my home is becoming a home that I wouldn’t be ashamed of. 

Most of the time when someone would come by I’d stop them at the door. I didn’t want anyone to see inside. Especially the kitchen or my office. But every day I'd get closer and closer to being proud of my home. * Please feel free to stop by now...we're happy to invite you in!

Having the combination of no cable, no Internet and no cell phone (while INCREDIBLY maddening) was really beneficial for my family. There have been no distractions from my goals. No reasons to sit and zone out. 

I have made my bed every morning for 3 weeks. There are no clothes on any floors, which is HUGE.

I finally realized that if I want a change in our life...I had to start immediately. Because waiting wasn't changing anything.

At night when the kids are asleep the house is so quiet and peaceful. Instead of playing Candy Crush until 2 am. I finish those little projects that have nagged at me for so long. A picture frame that needed fixing, crafts supplies that needed organizing, cleaning, sitting, reading.....it is amazing just how productive the quiet can be.