Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shopaholic...for children's books??

This weather is so freakish!

Saturday it was over 100 degrees. Today it barely went over 70 degrees. It was so cold that we all wore pants and stayed inside all day. It was raining and windy, thunder and lighting...not what you'd expect for June. The horrible thing about rainy weather is that it means you can do housework. I KNOW RIGHT!?! 

A friend I talked to had her whole family involved. They got  baseboards cleaned and dusting done BEFORE NOON!!! 
 I was so jealous! That is motivation I could use in an I.V. drip mixed with coffee. 
But I was not motivated at all today. So I went for door number 2. 

Positive avoidance!

 yeah it's a thing

I started collecting children's books before I knew I wanted children. Every month I'd get 2 Disney books in the mail. After I had children I got a little nuts. Ebay used to be so much cheaper. You could buy a ton of books for nickels. So I'd buy in bulk online, or yard sales, used book stores. I wanted to make sure I'd have enough variety and quality. There are a lot of junk books out there. Books that have no real content or are just capitalizing on some show or movie. I wanted to have a nice collection for the kids....ok, for me. 

This year my Fish hit chapter books. I have always bought picture books. I DON'T HAVE CHAPTER BOOKS?!?!?! Wait, maybe I do.....

After I did my high tech Pinterest research, I discovered a list of books I want her to start with. Most of them have a quirky heroine sending the GIRL POWER message I want her to receive. But the cost of those books can add up. 

I decided today to catalogue my children's book collection so that I could organize her summer reading list better.

 Shut up! 

Yes it was an obvious procrastination, avoidance plan.

Once I got started I realized that I have a sickness. I took a break at 552 books. I still have a few shelves and some baskets to do at another time. I think I might just be knocking on 1000 books. The idea of having that many books under one roof is crazy. So what did I do once I decided to take a break?? I was trolling Ebay looking for the titles I really want but are still missing from my collection. Totally insane right?!?!
But to me it's like breast feeding..........ok let me explain. 

When I knew I wanted to nurse. I had a couple books my sister had given me and I flipped through what I thought were the important parts. Then the baby came and it was flippin' hard. Nothing was going easy for us. Eventually she got it, but it was 2 long, hard, painful months of determination. So when I got pregnant the second time I decided to be over prepared. I had an entire shelf devoted to breast feeding and dealing with newborns. I had breast feeding for Dummies, The idiots guide to breast feeding, La Leche Leagues guide to breast feeding! I read all of the books which pretty much said the exact same thing. But to me it was like preparing for battle. 

I feel the same way about children's books. I'm so scared that I am missing something important. I feel like there is going to be this moment when I could have changed their future for the better, but I will not have prepared enough. All schools are not created equal. Any teacher will tell you that. For parents in our small community, we have to work more at making sure we do extra at home. We don't have the benefit of schools with large wallets and overwhelming resources. During the last week of school a notice came home from the school Fish will be attending. It said that our after school program is on a lottery. I have never even heard of this. There isn't enough funding to have staff there for all the kids that might want or need to go. So there is a random drawing of kids that submit requests. I'm sure there is some way to get help when your child really needs it. I have no plan of entering my child into the lottery. But it made me sad for those families that want or need it and by the luck of the draw...they are out. 

So I buy books. And?? So what if I rationalize my insane need to expand our already huge home library. If it helps my kids interest in reading or skill level or vocabulary. Then it's worth every penny....

Tonight I read to Fish from Winne the Pooh. The inscription on the front page reads "To Mary from Perry, Christmas 1937" 
I don't know who they are. But they touched this book. They likely read it to their children. Who knows how many hands it has passed through since then. It's beautiful if you think about it. 

Oh dear look at the time!

I gotta go, I need to check if I'm winning my Ebay bids! It's 20 chapter books!!! Starting at $20! And then I have to check out Amazon! OH and Craigslist! And google local used bookstores!!.....and.....