Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Goodbye T.V......Hello summer!

I haven't written in so long that it is embarrassing. 

But I am exhausted and avoiding doing the dishes. 

This is the last week of school for Fish. She will move up to the next school in our area. There is no graduation or ceremony. But there is a carnival!!!

So tomorrow she'll get a carnival and Thursday there is a party. After that I will have 3 kids home all day every day for 3 months. 

This may seem like an odd time to suspend or cable. But I have a reason, which comes with a story. 

When I was 21, I moved to South Lake Tahoe and became a black jack dealer. I had no intention of doing it longer than 3 months. Funny how life takes your plans and tosses them right out the window. When my first summer ended I needed to find a place to live. There was an ad on the bulletin board at the casino I worked at. 


It was that easy. 

When I moved in it was covered in dog hair and was less home and more storage for adventurers. The first day I literally walked right in...no one home. My 4 roommates were never home. They were climbing rocks, camping, skiing, biking, scuba diving. You name the crazy outdoor adventure and they were out pursuing it. The only rule of the house was ...NO CABLE. 

I was raised on approximately 8 hours of television a day. Do you have any idea how hard it was to be told NO TV!!

That first year I rented A LOT of movies. 

But it made sense. If you live in Tahoe there are so many things to do outside of the home. Why waste time and money on television? After a while you forget that you ever wanted it. 

This all brings me to Pinterest.

Pinterest has a million fun ideas of what you can do with your summer. As I read through pins and blogs and bucket lists I realize

But I can't do any of it if I we are all glued to the T.V. 

It is far too easy to turn on the Disney channel and let the kids zone out on nonsense. We do it far too often 
(all the time, shhhhh don't tell anyone that will judge me) 

So I decided to suspend our Direct TV for the summer. If at the end of the summer we don't miss it (and Micah is willing to miss football) we'll cancel it completely. 

I am rapidly approaching my 1 year anniversary of starting this blog. I don't want to feel like I've wasted a year falling back to old habits and learning nothing. 

I want to spend the summer pretending I was this productive the WHOLE time. 

There will be swim practice every day and dance practice. Invitationals and recitals....we need to make better use of the time in between all that. 

So Friday we will sit as a family and come up with a Summer bucket list. 

The window of youthful magic is shrinking so fast. My children are changing everyday. I need to stop wasting the precious moments we could be doing amazing things.

So it's goodbye T.V. Hello summer............we've been waiting for you