Sunday, March 10, 2013


What a ridiculous freaking explosion!!!

If people really don't care what you think or feel....why do they read you blog?

How does praising someone and, boasting about your love for you child and, the want to make their life experiences the best ever come off as negative.

How is saying that you didn't like decisions that were made a chargeable offense?

How can a friend read a post where you say you have no best friend and take it as a personal attack?

How can a relative who hurt your feelings, read about how it hurt and then get angry that you said it out loud?

Easy answer

Because the written word is perception. How you interpret what you are reading right now if completely up to you.

 How you read my words doesn't mean that is how I intended it?

Otherwise there would only be one church, because there is only one bible....but lots and lots of interpretations.

And even if you did take it how I intended...what does it matter?
It's only the feelings of one person...does that really effect your life?

You can't tell someone to stop writing how they feel....because they'll just take a picture and post it on Instagram.

I don't care about gossip. I don't care about people whispering. They could just ask me and I'd gladly tell me. I do leave out details on this blog. But that doesn't mean if you called and asked me I wouldn't gladly tell you. If we are all adults there is nothing to hide right?

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Pinterest....whatever you enjoy. The great thing is that IT IS YOURS. No one else can tell you how to feel and what to write about those feelings. (actually Pinterest doesn't allowed nudity...I've been told) Because their interpretation is their own problem.

If you know that I adore you and your feelings were hurt because you feel like this spotlights you. Then I am very sorry for any type of hurt or damage.

If you don't like that I have vaguely eluded to wrong doing and you don't want anyone questioning your authority................. tough. I didn't say your name. I didn't say exactly what I think you have done wrong. I only gave MY FEELINGS. 

I love social media. I love this blog. I love my family and my community.

I am a good mom and friend. I work hard at trying to give my children the best memories ever. I have far too much in my life to let a couple of haters get me down.

So bring it the way. I still have cookies for sale! ;)