Saturday, March 9, 2013

No Super Bowl for Superman

I often talk too much about how awesome my husband is. He really does a lot more than I give him credit for. He cooks, he bakes, he builds stuff, he hunts and fishes. My husband is a catch....don't tell him I said so.

With working odd hours and so many extra activities for the kids we really do share all the parenting. Often he finds that he is the only dad at dance class. He is very proud of his ballerinas. This past soccer season he missed all the games because he was working. So he has really loved taking the girls to their dance classes.

This past football season he didn't get to watch very many games. We were always going somewhere or working on projects in the house. It never failed, he'd only get to see highlights. This had to have been hard for a man who did fantasy football and just plain loves the game. But he didn't complain or get upset. He just kept on going.

One of my best friends bought a house and needed help moving. Between work and the kids we had to find a day that would work to help. The only day.....Super Bowl Sunday. I totally did not realize this when we scheduled the move. In fact it wasn't until the day before that I realized the situation. But unfortunately there was no other possible day for us to get it done.

My friend didn't live in a big house, so there wasn't a lot of stuff to move. The big motivation for getting it done fast..."Gotta see the game! Can't miss the game!" That didn't really happen like we thought it would.

When we got her washer and dryer moved we found they couldn't be hooked up correctly. We tried to find another dryer on Craigslist. No luck. So Micah had to try and make it work. .......that took time.

Some of the electrical outlets weren't working in her house. So Micah pulled out his tools and tried to see if he could help.

That day was really long for Micah. He was the only man (he liked it) with 3 women...2 wearing delicate acrylic nails.  (SIDEBAR: DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT HURTS TO YANK UP ON AN ACRYLIC NAIL? IT'S ATTACHED TO YOUR ACTUAL NAIL!)

When we got home it was down to the 4th quarter. He had missed the whole game. He had a test the next morning in Oakland and planned on stopping at my friends house and working on her washer issue. Because that is the kind of guy I married. If there is something he can do for a friend he will go above and beyond.