Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It happened.....I'm old

When I was in my 20's I lived in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. I had an amazing group of girlfriends and we would go out dancing and drinking....4 days a week. 

It was definitely the time of my life.

 My very favorite night was Monday. At the time Caesar's owned a casino in Tahoe and it had a nightclub called Nero's. It was always packed. The bartender's knew us, the bouncers knew us...some of the greatest nights ever. Nevada is very different from California. In California the nightclubs start shutting down at 1:30am. In Nevada we closed the place down at 4am. If I could dance now like I danced then....whoa. 

This year St. Patrick's day landed on a Sunday.....my day off. My husband and I have never gone out together on St. Patrick's day. When we lived near San Diego (where St. Patty's is epic) we had a new baby. After we moved home I was always working or pregnant or nursing...no party for us. So after all these years we could finally go out. I was so scared to get excited. What if we couldn't find a sitter? Then my mom agreed to let the kids sleep at her house. What if we were broke? Nope just got paid. What if aliens attack?
Surprising enough that didn't happen either. So it was official 


Now there is a huge difference between a girl in her 20's and a mom in her 30's. In fact this year I'll be 35. In a few months I'll start the downward fall toward 40...and I'm not going to lie, it totally freaks me out. But I was super ambitious about our night on the town. I bought us some fun green accessories...put some green eye shadow on. We talked to some friends (another couple with tons of kids) about where we'd meet up. The first place was quiet and just a place to get food. It was nostalgic for my husband and I. We used to go to this bar when we first got together...monster beers and deep fried mushrooms.....so romantic. 

After filling up for our night of drinking we hit downtown. Chico is know for being a party town. There are a handful of nights where historically things get out of hand, Halloween and St. Patrick's Day. But all the kids start drinking when the bars open at 11am. So there were no crowds at all. The first bar we went to closed at 10pm. After only a few cocktails I was still sober..ish. When it closed we walked to a country bar. The music was super loud, they had a smoke machine filling the place. As I waited at the bar I started to have a thought....I'm too old for this. 

We got our drinks and went out to the patio where it was quieter. I don't know what it is about me, but I attract the drunken crazies. This time was no exception. People see me and think I want to chat it up with Drunky McStumble. Now that I'm dealing cards again I do have a small following of players. So when the cocktail server freaked out that I was there and ran to get her boyfriend....well lets say my friends laughed just a tiny bit.

What can I say I'm a mini celeb in my own way . 

Big Red...last call 
We drank all night quietly on the back patio. As we started to leave we realized we had never danced. So my husband and I did the old folks shuffle to the last few songs before they shut the doors. It was a pretty good night......and then I woke up. 

See the hardest part about realizing you're too old isn't the drinking. It's not the too loud music and younger crowd. It's not the body that doesn't move right anymore. It's the morning after. 

Sunlight hurt. Cold air hurt. Motion hurt. Sound hurt. It was like I woke up a completely different person and that person was trying to kill me. We picked up our kids and got my oldest off to school. My husband took my Butterfly to dance and left me at home with the Moose. Thankfully he was happy playing with cars on mommy's arm and watching PBS. It was dinnertime before I finally felt close to normal. A whole day lost in misery and nausea. I woke up this morning and realized I'm too old for this shit. I may do it again just to push the envelope. But it will be with coconut water, Advil and ear plugs. 

Today I'm happy to be feeling better.....because reality set in and I'm a mom. I have laundry, dishes, bills and kids with homework and activities. I just don't have time to be hung over any more.

Goodbye youth.....it was fun...and you'll be missed