Friday, January 25, 2013

Pre Fat Friday

In my first Fat Friday post I took pictures of myself and shared it with all of you.

This is my first installment of a series of Fat Friday updates.

I have decided to participate in some local 5K events leading up to Foam Fest in August. Foam fest is an obstacle course through foam and it will be a big challenge for me. But I have 7 months to work my way up to it. My first event will be the Habitat Run in 3 weeks. I don't expect to be running or jogging by then. But I will do my best and start gearing up for it now. Then every couple weeks or so I have other events to continue to push myself to August. Yeah, I'm a sucker for event T-shirts.

So starting this week I will be going back to the gym, working on my diet, and whining the whole way.
That is where this blog comes in. Every Friday I will weigh in and talk about how the week went. I have some big posts planned. Like starting know that's gonna be something for you to laugh hysterically at. But I will do my best to keep motivated and finally get moving on this healthy goal thing.

 I am not going to's going to be hard for me to get started.

Tomorrow is the first Daisy troop meeting for my oldest. We signed her up for little league. Both of the girls have dance and school....and I'm still working part time.

So it will be a challenge to be a mom and wife and change my habits. But after talking about it for all these months..I think I have to finally put up or shut up.

My need to find my sparkle is still there. I think a big part is hiding under this unhealthy body. Wish me luck and see ya next Friday right here for my weigh in and bitching.....and whining.....did I mention bitching?