Sunday, September 9, 2012

Please smack me!

    Not literally. I say this because I know the loved ones who follow this blog might be giggly and excited at the thought of smacking me. I wanted to spend the afternoon with some girlfriends at an event in Chico. But with my husband being gone (day 31 by the way) babysitters are hard to come by. So I decided to do things I avoid. I organized my tupperware and appliance cabinets. I organized my junk drawers...yes that was plural. This past week Fish had a play date and one of her friends asked "Why do you have so much stuff?". If that isn't a wake up call I don't know what is. So I started adding items to the yard sale pile and just making more space. I realize we do have a lot of "stuff". I really got on a roll with my cabinets and missed lunchtime. The kids were just running around while I got these tasks accomplished. But all at once everyone was starving. So I said "OK, lets go to McDonalds". They think it's a special treat to get junk food. I tried not to make food a reward. But it was how I was raised and it's hard to break that way of thinking. I started to clean up the packaging and decided to read the back of an apple juice package. HUGE MISTAKE! We used to get chocolate milk when we'd go to these places. Until I tasted it and it was disgusting. It didn't takes like milk or chocolate, just sugar nastiness. I thought that apple juice would be better. It says 100% apple juice on the front. The side of the packaging says  CONTAINS APPLE JUICE CONCENTRATE FROM THE U.S.A.,ARGENTINA,AUSTRIA,CHILE,CHINA,GERMANY AND,TURKEY.........ick. Seriously? If there is an outbreak of ecoli or some strange new bacteria there would be no way to track it. With so many countries contributing apples. Every time we go to fast food I say THIS IS THE LAST TIME. I hope this is the time I finally learn my lesson. The lazy chick in my head often caves on these things. I wish that a good smack would teach me. But I'm not inviting any of you to do that. There is alot of self sufficient learning in my future. And of course that starts today. The more I organize the healthier I can be.I still have some zucchini bread and banana bread to bake today. I still have tomatoes to can. Tomorrow starts a whole new week of busy adventures.