Friday, August 3, 2012

Coming clean......again

          I love farm fresh produce. Last year, I had memberships with 3 CSA farms (community supported agriculture) and promoted all of them in my community. We are so lucky to live in an area with so much fresh fruits and veggies year around and I love taking advantage of that.One of my favorite farms has a U-pick in the summertime and I take the kids to pick blueberries, grapes, strawberries, and lots of other awesome produce they have  available. And yet with the piles of produce in my fridge and on my counter....we eat out....A LOT. This morning for example, I took the little ones to my mom's, dropped my oldest at soccer camp and stopped by Starbucks for coffee and crumb cake. When I picked everyone up at lunchtime I realized I had no bread at home. The thought of taking all of my hungry kids into the grocery store was less than appealing. So we went to McDonald's where I purchased deep fried junk food for my three tiny children. I immediately feel guilty for feeding them junk. And my mind wandered toward their futures and if they will be fat or get cancer. But I still bought it and still fed it to them. It is extremely expensive to live this way, much more than I could actually afford. But still the convenience of not getting out of the car is the clincher. No kids to unstrap, no fighting over the cart, no taking 3 kids into a cramped bathroom because 1 has to go potty. It would have been much healthier and cheaper to bring them home and make tuna (which was the original plan) instead.....FAIL.

          I wish I could say this was the first time. Truthfully, since I have been off work I have purchased more fast food for my children then I ever have before. I'm now a stay at home there shouldn't be any excuse right? There are no long days at work or school functions keeping me from cooking. I'm just lazy and depressed and that combination is not good for any of us. There have been days when 7:30pm rolls around and, I realize that I have no dinner plan and so I load everyone up and down the road we go to the drive thru. It is embarrassing to admit this. My mom knows that I have done this on occasion and my husband knows a little. But only my children know just how much crap they actually have eaten since May.
I can see into my kitchen from my desk and there are cucumbers, bell peppers, egg plant, squash, apples and watermelon sitting on my counter. But I bought them McDonald's and I ate it too. Every time I eat at any fast food restaurant I am never satisfied. It just doesn't takes good to me. But it's easy and fast...those places must make millions off people like me.

       So mark those calendars because here is my pledge. NO MORE FAST FOOD! No pizza, taqueirias, burger joints, fried chicken, coffee more. Better to eat late than eat crap! My children deserve better and they love fruits and veggies! I don't know that it will last forever, that is a pretty hard goal for us. But if I can make it 30 days then the next 30 should be a piece of cake. In the past month I know that I have spent over $250 on various types of fast food. Imagine how much I could save by eating at home.
I am officially pledging to anyone who reads this ...No fast food for 30 days. Now's the part where you cheer me on......because I'm gonna need it.