Wednesday, August 1, 2012

$1 happiness

It's brown, made of wood, and clean! Anyone know what it is? My desk!

Now I still have a ton of papers to finish sorting (just to be clear). It is mostly artwork from the kids that I'm always afraid to toss. I have seen plenty of people suggest taking pictures and making a book. I actually use some projects for decoration in our home when the season change. But there is so much that it's hard to choose what stays and what goes. I also have a file box that needs to be sorted. However all of these items are neatly stacked and out of my way. I know I still need to finish dealing with them, but my immediate objective was achieved..I FOUND MY DESK! 
I find that we keep a lot of junk. Pinterest did not make this way of thinking any better by the way. I always keep stuff thinking that I can find a way to re-purpose it later. I probably could, but I don't want to find the time to do it. There are a ton of other crafts, recipes and responsibilities I need to deal with first. It will be hard to let go of it at first. But when I think of how much less clutter we'd have later...the possibilities are endless.
In the picture you can see my little Buddha in front of the monitor. No I'm not a Buddhist. . But I keep him there for many reasons. I found him in the dollar bins at Target. He was bright yellow and made me smile immediately. At the time my father in law had mentioned that his stepdaughter had a Buddha in her home and it was "detestable". My thought was "Really? She's Christian...she goes to church with is just a decorative item to her...why get so angry" And I realize he was passionate about his faith. So passionate the the thought of a false god (at least in his mind) was horrific. It was more than a decoration to me. I know a very little about the Buddhist religion, but I believe in the symbolism and would never despise another religion just because it wasn't my own. So there he was little $1 yellow Buddha, begging me to buy him and bring him home. Strange a god worshiped by millions, stuck in a dollar bin painted lemon yellow. In that moment I thought of how my father in law would react. So maybe I was being a little spiteful. But all I really cared about was that he made me smile and still does every time I look at him. I gave him a few coats of copper paint and try to put him where he is needed. He spent sometime on the window sill above the sink to cheer me on when I wash dishes (never made it any more fun, but don't tell him that) He spent a couple days in the bathroom, but I wasn't feelin' the extra eyes. So he was finally moved to this sad desk. And I think his presence will keep the desk clean and happy! Amazing what $1 can do for you! See you at my next project!