Thursday, July 26, 2012

Coming clean

Today is day one of this blog.

 I'm sitting in my office, a pile of papers and junk blocking my view of the computer screen. My name is Adriana and I'm a mother of 3. Not a good mother by my own estimations, but a mother none the less. I recently quit my job as a 911 dispatcher to stay home with my children....yes, yes I am crazy.    

Everyday is another battle in the war against myself. A battle to be productive in my home, as a mom, as a wife, as a friend. In the morning I wake up and tell myself today is the day to clean more, exercise more, eat better, spend more time with my kids, enjoy life. But most days I waste watching television or scanning the internet. Then I check the clock and I realize that I have wasted another day and I feel sick and angry with myself. 

So today is the day I come clean. 

Today I admit to myself and anyone reading that I'm lazy and depressed. I want to be a happy mom! I want my children to grow up happy and smart and well rounded. Today I want to start that journey and hopefully my success will inspire others who are just like me. But I can't count those chickens just yet..first I need to succeed at my goals.

 I want to change my life...COMPLETELY.

I want to lose weight, be more productive, and work at happiness. I know that if I can get myself organized and stay motivated I can get everything I want. My life is chaos, there is a pile of clothes on my couch, piles of clothes on the floor, piles of papers all over the place. So my first step in this journey is organizing. This is no small task when you are also taking care of 3 kids under six. I know that this is a job I need to tackle no. The clutter is suffocating me and I'm ready to breath...

I'll take before and after pictures to show my efforts.
Wish me luck everyone...I'm off!